Why AgriClear

Buying and selling cattle is becoming more complex all the time. AgriClear’s platform seamlessly addresses this complexity, while allowing for ease of use, improved efficiency and reduced costs. You can access markets anywhere and at anytime in the U.S. and Canada to find buyers for your cattle, or cattle that meets your specific requirements.

AgriClear Brings Buyers and Sellers Together

Whether you’re a cow-calf producer, stocker or feeder, you’ll benefit from AgriClear through:

  • expanded markets
  • market-based pricing
  • payment assurance
  • convenient means to deliver/receive a differentiated product
  • cost effectiveness
  • efficiency

Members of the AgriClear Community have access to a vast network of livestock producers who are buying and selling cattle of all breeds, types, and value-added attributes.

“AgriClear has created a broader marketplace for me. I source breed specific feeder cattle for our retail-based program, and AgriClear allows me to clearly communicate these requirements. AgriClear is cost effective, secure, and easy to use. From my perspective, AgriClear is how the industry should be buying and selling cattle.”
Jeff Ball, Ballco Feeders, Bryant Alberta

“AgriClear is the future of cattle marketing. With AgriClear I am in complete control when selling my cattle. I agree to price and terms, and take comfort in knowing they assure payment. I really like the idea of being able to negotiate with buyers from across the US and Canada. The platform is easy to use, secure and mobile friendly. AgriClear gives me options and opportunities I’ve never had before.”
Neil Block, Block Ranching, Abbey Saskatchewan


Expanded Markets

As an AgriClear Seller, you can market your cattle throughout the U.S. and Canada at the touch of a button. That means you have a larger number of prospective buyers waiting to receive your value-added cattle.

As an AgriClear Buyer, you have a broad procurement network of U.S. and Canadian sellers who have cattle that match your precise specifications. You can customize your search based on cattle attributes, and the relationships you create on AgriClear will quickly become your preferred suppliers.


Price Control

AgriClear empowers buyers and sellers to securely negotiate price and receive payment assurance. Plus, AgriClear securely facilitates the offer/counter-offer process for ease of negotiating and information exchange.


Low Cost

A primary benefit of buying and selling through AgriClear, in addition to transactional certainty, is cost control. Transactional expenses are minimized.

Sellers can receive counter-offers without having to physically move their cattle, saving transportation and handling costs, while reducing stress on their cattle. Buyers can preview cattle from all over the U.S. and Canada, engage directly with sellers, and with the AgriClear member rating system, they can be confident in the quality of their purchase.

You only pay when you have completed a transaction, and this fee is fixed at $6.00 per head. There is no cost to register as a member of the AgriClear community or to list cattle.



AgriClear is the essence of convenience and freedom. You can access livestock producers from all over the U.S. and Canada, anytime that’s convenient for you. With AgriClear’s advanced search capabilities, you can source cattle that meet your very specific requirements. No other marketing option today gives you this flexibility, market assurance or cost advantage. AgriClear’s online platform (via desktop, laptop or smart mobile device) is simple to use, featuring the ability to:

  • Post listings to sell or buy cattle
  • Set your own price and selling conditions
  • Search by cattle attributes
  • Choose the best offer
  • Negotiate a mutually satisfactory price
  • Assure payment and delivery satisfaction


The Strength of TMX and NGX Support Transactional Security

AgriClear offers buyers and sellers the highest level of security and assurance.

This platform is unique because of its partnership with TMX Group and NGX, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX, bringing together a wide array of knowledge and expertise. TMX Group’s businesses operate cash and derivative markets, including Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, Montreal Exchange and NGX, provider of electronic trading, central counterparty clearing and data services to the North American natural gas and electricity markets. TMX also provides clearing facilities, data products and other services to the international financial community. Backed by the financial support and clearing expertise of these two entities, you are assured of receiving payment for delivered cattle and receiving cattle as negotiated.

Buyers and sellers are rated by their counterparty after each transaction, ensuring the integrity for future members of the AgriClear community.

Industry Commitment

AgriClear is proud to support, and be a part of, the U.S. and Canadian cattle industry and is committed to helping livestock producers find more efficient, profitable and productive ways to buy and sell cattle. AgriClear’s objective is to help buyers and sellers thrive in a rapidly changing business environment. This online platform is innovative and easy-to-use for producers who are looking to reduce costs, capitalize on new business opportunities and do business on their terms.

Advisory Council

To ensure we are accurately addressing the needs of today’s livestock producers, we have assembled a group of highly reputable cow-calf producers, stockers, feeders and industry professionals to provide input, insight and ideas. This group represents several of the most well known and respected cattle operations in the U.S. and Canada, and has been indispensable in guiding our efforts and keeping us on target in providing AgriClear to you.