How It Works

The AgriClear online platform is full of easy-to-use features and information. It provides finite details about the cattle you are looking to buy or the buyers you are looking to reach.

Buy and Sell Cattle With Ease

The AgriClear online platform is full of easy-to-use features and information. It provides finite details about the cattle you are looking to buy or the buyers you are looking to reach. Every aspect of the platform is designed to enhance your operation by delivering more information, customers and convenience at your fingertips, 24/7.

Allowing you to:

  • Search by cattle attributes
  • Post listings to sell cattle
  • Post listings for the type of cattle you are looking to purchase
  • Negotiate a mutually satisfactory price
  • Arrange delivery details
  • Settle disputes for cattle that do not meet contract terms


lock Registration is a simple, secure process where you establish a profile about your business and where you operate.

Create Listings and Make a Counter-offer

cow At this stage, you provide your bank account information. This is AgriClear’s “point of assurance” that guarantees all members of the AgriClear Community are legitimate buyers and sellers: it confirms a buyer’s ability to complete the transaction, and ensures sale proceeds are properly directed to the correct seller’s account. All account holders now have the opportunity to buy and sell cattle, and to create and make counter-offers. There is no fee to create or view listings.


  • Post listings based on the attributes you are looking for in cattle
  • Set your price and conditions
  • Search listings based on selected criteria such as breed, type, price, geographic locations and health protocols
  • Save searches so you can use them again and again
  • Receive notifications of new listings that match your saved searches
  • Purchase cattle
  • Payment held in trust until satisfied


  • List your cattle by attributes
  • Create listings for a select buyer audience
  • Set your price and conditions
  • Review offers
  • Select best offer
  • Negotiate price and conditions
  • Assurance of payment

Making an Offer

money-comp Remember, this is not an auction, it is an online platform to list your interest either to buy or sell cattle.

  • When you list you are in effect making an offer, either as a buyer or seller.
  • Buyers or sellers, as the case may be, may accept your offer at any time.
  • Or they may choose to make a counter-offer to your offer (listing).
    • Sellers and buyers can respond by accepting the counter-offer, making their own counter-offer or declining.

Buyers and sellers negotiate a variety of specifications, including:

  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Shrink
  • Slide
  • Number of head

All pricing negotiations are completed through the AgriClear platform.

Closing the Deal and Delivery

handshake When the buyer and seller reach a mutually agreed upon contract, the buyer deposits the estimated sale proceeds to AgriClear’s proven, secure payment and settlement system powered by NGX. The funds are securely held until the cattle are delivered and inspected by the buyer. If contract specifications have been met, and both parties confirm, AgriClear releases the final amount to the seller. Each party pays the transaction fee of $6.00 per head to AgriClear.

Dispute Resolution Process

money-bubbleIf contract specifications have not been met, the buyer and seller negotiate new terms for any cattle that do not meet specifications. If both parties agree that a portion of the cattle meet specifications, funds are released for those cattle, while negotiations continue for the remaining portion. AgriClear will assist, when requested, to help resolve any outstanding dispute, even going so far as to engage an independent third-party dispute resolution specialist.

For a quick visual explanation of the AgriClear buying and selling process,
download the transaction flowchart

Additional Platform Features

Through a variety of features and options, you can market your cattle more efficiently and profitably through:

  • 24/7 access from any office or smart mobile device
  • Personalized notification preferences
  • Saved searches
  • Calendar and reminders
  • Buyer and seller profiles and ratings
  • Your preferred AgriClear contacts/customers
  • Dedicated support